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Vedic Mathematics Course

Course Details

Benedictory Message
Vinay Nair
Vinay Nair, Course Author
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About Vedic Mathematics

India has produced many mathematicians whose discoveries have benefitted the world. One such mathematician was Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha (1884 1960). As a student of the Vedas from 1911 1918, he stumbled upon few Sutras (aphorisms or word-formulae). After extensive research on these sutras, he reconstructed 16 Sutras and 13 Upa-sutras using which numerical calculations can be done in simpler and faster ways. In Vedic Mathematics, unlike the conventional methods, there are many ways to arrive at a solution for a problem. This gives us the liberty to choose the technique most convenient for us. This is the beauty of Vedic Mathematics; it can be understood easily by people of any calibre. It enhances the ability to approach and solve any mathematical problem.

Course Introduction

Vedic Mathematics is a blessing to everybody in this day and age when people's numerical skills are deteriorating as the use of calculators is increasingly commencing at a younger age. Vedic Mathematics' shorter, quicker and easy to remember techniques enable any student to do calculations faster than they would with conventional methods. Students of Vedic Mathematics dispel their fear of mathematics and gain a new-found confidence to work on any mathematical problem without apprehension. This Vedic Mathematics course aims to promote the traditional knowledge of Mathematics mastered by the mathematicians of ancient India.

Course Author

Being an enthusiastic educator, trainer and motivational speaker, Vinay Nair has been imparting the knowledge of Vedic Mathematics, since 2009. He founded the 'School of Vedic Maths', with an aim to not only teach techniques but also to facilitate productive thinking. In collaboration with CIF he conducts courses, workshops and seminars in schools, colleges and camps on Foundation & Advanced Courses of Vedic Mathematics for an audience anywhere between 10 to 75 years of age. The strong belief that learning Vedic Mathematics improves Observation, Concentration and Creativity apart from the Numerical Ability is what leads this young educator to travel around imparting this ancient system. His approach to teaching is modern and accessible whereby he facilitates students to learn by discovering new methods of their own. .

Course Benefits

  •   Eradicates the fear of Mathematics and instills confidence
  •   Improves calculation speed and numerical skills
  •   Sharpens the brain
  •   Is an aid to crack scholarship and entrance exams
  •   Facilitates a habit of analytical thinking and measured approach towards any problem
  •   Provides an insight into ancient Indian mathematics
  •   Is useful for everyone students, professionals, teachers, parents, and the young and old
Course Highlights

24 lessons covering different techniques in subtraction, addition, multiplication, squaring, square root, cubing, compound multiplication, Pythagoras theorem, area, Katapayadi number system and ancient Indian mathematics.

Course Eligibility

The course is open to all those who are 12 years or older and interested in studying the beautiful subject of Vedic Mathematics, irrespective of their profession or age. It is neither limited to the young nor to the elder. It is for anyone seeking to improve their mathematical skills, the ancient Indian way.

Course Duration

This is a 9-month home study course with a total of 24 lessons to be studied. At the end of each lesson the Questionnaire pertaining to the lesson is required to be answered and submitted. Further Course material will be sent thereafter. Non-receipt of answers regularly will be taken as dropping out of the Course.

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Mode of Learning

1. Vedic Mathematics Postal Course

2. Vedic Mathematics Online Course

Course Fee (Non-refundable)

For students up to Grade XII(Online):
Residents of Indian sub-continent - 2000
Other Residents - US$ 100

For others(Online):
Residents of Indian sub-continent - 3000
Other Residents - US$ 150

For students up to Grade XII(Postal):
Residents of Indian sub-continent - 2000
Other Residents - US$ 150

For others(Postal):
Residents of Indian sub-continent - 3000
Other Residents - US$ 200


Online Registration

Choose your course option (either Postal or Online) and submit your application form and make payment online.

1. Vedic Mathematics Postal Course

2. Vedic Mathematics Online Course


Offline Registration

Download Registration Form , choose the Course Option (either Postal or Online), fill the requested details and post it with your draft, cheque or money order, in favour of 'Chinmaya International Foundation', payable at Piravom or Ernakulam.

Mail your form along with your course fee to:

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Kerala, India.
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